Are you self-employed and had a hard time qualifying for the right mortgage loan in the past?
Too often I meet self-employed borrowers looking to purchase or refinance their home loans, only to be denied because of big tax write-offs to pay lower taxes. Purchasing a home to build appreciating wealth is also very beneficial.
Solution: Before you complete and file 2020 taxes, apply for the mortgage loan with the right lender.
  • The best Loan Officers provide feedback from your estimated tax statements.
  • You have the opportunity to adjust write-offs before filing 2020 taxes in order to qualify for the desired loan amount.
  • It offers you the opportunity to review multiple loan program options.
  • If not qualified for desired loan amount, learn how to document expenses for future success.
  • Consider qualifying using bank statements or no ratio loan programs.
You are not going to get this type of service from those online lenders.
To find the best Loan Officers, with the Best loan programs and lowest rate, call Dan the Man for Mortgages at 949-484-6322. I have over 400 lender options for the best mortgage loans.