Are you looking to purchase a home in 2021?
Watch out, as there will be fierce competition from other buyers looking for the right home. I currently have 20 clients in process looking to purchase in 2021. I’ve talked to another 35 borrowers looking to get their loans approved in 2021, then begin looking at homes. There will be a ton of demand for homes and limited supply. Plus, interest rates are expected to stay low. A majority of people are earning money and looking to spend it.
Money Tip solution: Start your loan process earlier than planned, get approved, so you find the perfect home at a lower price before everyone else enters the market. Home prices are expected to continue rising all year.
  • Start the loan process, with me, months in advance
  • Get approved for highest loan amount possible, so you have flexibility
  • Look for single family homes, as they appreciate more than condominiums and townhomes
  • Work with an experienced realtor with great negotiating skills to get the best deal
For the best rates on a mortgage loan and the lowest down payment options, call 949-484-6322.