Do you know the best lender for a $1.2 million purchase with only 10% down payment?

Ryan thought he had the best answer, until his excellent realtor said, “Want to see if my guy can beat it?”

Ryan’s lender, a broker, offered:

  • 15% down at 3.625% 30 year fixed rate, 3.689 APR & no PMI on $1.08 million loan

BUT, Ryan wanted a 10% down payment loan at the best rate. I provided:

  • 10% down at 2.75% 30 year fixed rate, 2.79% APR with $181/mo PMI


  • Save $515/month interest for life of loan, or $32,000 over 10 years
    Ryan keeps $60k in his investments, earning excellent returns
    Will spend $150k+ to upgrade the home over 12 months
    Although paying $181/month PMI, will remove it after home upgrades

When you want to SAVE the most amount of money AND get the BEST loan program to meet YOUR needs, call me at 949-484-6322.

ps: Realtor David now has a client for life, due to my $$$ savings and his finding the perfect home.