Do you want to save money by getting the best financial advice? We need help in all areas of financial advice: investing, insurance, loans, reducing taxes, etc.
Today’s world is complicated with many options from every direction. Advertisers make it look simple, “call me and I’ll take care of it for you”. Unfortunately, their costs are normally much higher than expected. Or, if we get overwhelmed and do not act, we may lose more in the long term.
Example: I was talking with my friend who is a great financial advisor. Too many people do not invest at all, so their money earns tiny returns. Or, a financial advisor recommends the most basic mutual fund, just so they could earn a commission and the returns are again too small. The third issue, the advisor does not look at or offer all the financial areas needed for best long-term results.
  • Call, discuss your situation with several mentors or knowledgeable advocates
  • Call several service providers to discuss your needs and their potential solutions
  • Pick the best expert, then constantly monitor to verify the results
  • Change advisors, if you are not getting the results required
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