Ever received an ALERT that there is a MANDATORY evacuation in your area due to fire?

I received this alert this morning, living in Irvine, California, not for my specific area, but 3 miles away. Now is not the time to start working on the homeowners insurance policy to verify you have fire insurance.

With homeowners insurance, it is a balance between cost and quality. Buying the cheapest policy usually does not benefit you in the end when you’re surprised with a fire, water leak, or other issue.

  • Don’t overpay for insurance. Shop around with different agents and companies.
  • Don’t be underinsured. Call a recommended insurance agent, discuss your home, belongings, pets, etc., to verify you’re receiving the best quality insurance for your needs.
  • How to dodge premium hikes: talk to your insurance agent before submitting any claim.
  • Fire, flood, theft, earthquake: are a matter of WHEN, not IF. Everyone knows a friend that received benefits from having insurance. You may be next.
  • Do have pets? Too often pets cause many types of claims, so protect yourself and others.
  • Expensive items? Take pictures to prove you own and paid for the item to get reimbursed.

I personally know my insurance agent. We connect yearly, to update any items that changed, jewelry purchases, new furniture or additional liability coverage. Don’t go online to buy insurance, as there are many things you don’t know about getting quality insurance at the best price.

Need an insurance agent recommendation? Call me. Looking for the best quality loan at the best rate? Call me at 949-484-6322. I’m here for you every step of the way.