When is the best time to buy a house or refinance a mortgage loan?

There are many factors to consider, but one of the most important is interest rates.

VisualCapitalist.com produced an interest rate chart 200 Years of Interest Rates in the U.S., currently at the lowest point in history. Will they go lower?


  • When considering buying a house, loan costs have NEVER been lower. Best rates possible now:
    • $510,400 or less, best rates at 2.49% & 2.615% APR, @ .25% rebate
    • $765,600 or less, best rates are 2.75% & 2.758% APR @ .85% rebate
    • $765,601+, 2.75% & 2.758 APR @ .125% rebate
  • House prices are at an all-time high. But, if you plan to live in it for 5+ years, owning a house has been a historical very good investment.
  • Should you refinance? Depending on your current rate, credit score, loan to value and local loan limits, you should consider it if your rate is .50% higher than the following rates:
    • $510,400 or less, best rates at 2.50% & 2.685% APR @ .125% points
    • $765,600 or less, best rates are 2.875% & 2.907 APR @ no points
    • $765,601+, 3.00% & 3.02% APR @ no points

Everyone has their own prediction on interest rates. My best guess is they might be going a little lower, but will be for a very short time before going back up higher. Good luck catching the low.

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