Are you a professional or work with doctors, dentists, attorneys, CPAs, psychologists, veterinarians, etc., and looking to purchase a home? It would be nice to save money on the mortgage loan, right!

Solution: The BEST Professionals loan program in mortgage lending:
•    5% down payment up to $1.25 million loan amount
•    10% down payment up to $1.25 million loan with 700 FICO
•    No PMI
•    30 year fixed rate

Today, 3.625% & 3.652% APR with .25% rebate ($2,035), 30 year fixed rate with 740 FICO no PMI for $900k loan and $1 million purchase.

I’ve researched 400+ mortgage lenders of ALL types to find the BEST loan programs at the lowest rates and fees along with great customer service.

Recent review:
“I can, without hesitation, recommend Dan Stone if you need a mortgage. I’ve known him for over 10 years, and not only is he trustworthy and hardworking, but also genuinely concerned to get the best deal for his clients. He’s great at follow up, and will do his best to get you better rates and save you money on your mortgage, whether it’s to help you buy a home, or you’re looking to refinance the home you have.” Rachelle M.

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