Are you creating a better world? More specifically, how are you inspirational to others, improving the lives of others or creating a legacy?

I usually try to help friends, family and clients save money. Everyone can save money by creating a positive impact on others in the usual ways, as well as the most creative ways.

Please respond, by writing or calling, how are you impacting others in a positive way? I will share these ways in a future email, anonymously.

For example, my three favorite movies and examples of inspirational leaders are:

•    Gladiator
•    Interstellar
•    Star Wars

In each of these great movies, a central figure is smart, creative and supporting a cause much greater than themselves. Maximus (Russell Crowe) overcomes a dictator to help Rome be a republic. Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) overcomes time and space to save the future lives of people on Earth. And Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) is a leader in the Resistance to overcome the evil Empire.

I help many people save money on their loans. I donate time and money to many charities. Working hard to provide, mentor and be a friend to my kids and extended family is also very important. These days, when we spend less time commuting to work, less time watching old TV shows and less available sports, I hope you find a little bit of time to help others, be inspirational, donate blood, give time or $$ to a charity, be a Big Brother or Sister, or create an amazing legacy with your kids and family. When you do, the rewards are so sweet for everyone.