So, you’ve got this mortgage loan thing and you don’t need Dan the Man’s help with mortgages, right?

WRONG! You don’t know what you don’t know!

Had Joe (not his real name) used this service, he would have saved a lot of time and money on his refinance.

After I spoke with Dan I thought ‘Gee, sounds like a great idea if you’re uneducated and a pushover, but I’m a smart guy, I don’t need his help.’ Boy was I wrong! One mistake was misunderstanding what mortgage company I was talking to. By the time I realized I had made a mistake I was too invested in the process. The initial rate was much better than I expected, so I kept on going. To make a long story short, the refinance took almost 5 months. And the end result was a rate much higher than the one they originally roped me in with. Next time I’m calling Dan first! ~Joe

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