This new loan program will change the industry and is only found through ONE lender!

Available for purchase, refi and cash-out refi.

Below are a few of the benefits and 12/2/19 rate quote:

  • Withdraw $ or pay down anytime in first 10 years, up to 80% LTV
  • 3.68% rate, 3.68% APR 30 year fixed at 740 FICO, up to 80% LTV cash-out to $800,000
  • Maximum DTI 55%, exceptions available above 55%
  • Approximately $1,700 in TOTAL loan costs (title fees only)
  • Close in 2-3 weeks
  • NO condo project approval required

Why is it AWESOME? Because the borrower is able to receive additional cash-out anytime in the first 10 years and keep their 30 year fixed rate. So, purchase a home with 60% LTV and receive the ability to get cash-out up to 80% anytime in first 10 years and no adjustment to rate and get cash immediately. No additional loan necessary. This saves a ton of time and money for borrowers.

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