Are mortgage lenders profiting at YOUR expense?

In 2019, did you know profits are up at independent mortgage lenders? Read proof in the article from Housingwire. Don’t pay too much for a mortgage loan! See below how to get the most from YOUR money.

There are great deals available at certain lenders. In all industries, it is called the loss leader. How do you find the deals? By connecting to over 350 lenders, asking about their best programs, continually getting quotes to find the best deals. Well, that is how I do it and my clients are finding amazing results.

Recent success stories:

  • Charles – 15 year fixed cash-out refi at 2.875%, 2.875% APR and no closing costs
  • Audrey – 10/1 ARM refi at 3.125%, 3.125% APR and no closing costs
  • Amy – 30 year fixed refi at 3.50%, 3.55% APR and receiving rebate to cover some closing costs
    Don’t get screwed on your loan!

Get the best loan program at the best rate and keep the money in your pocket, not the lenders’.

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