Your Credit Score Can Cost You $1,000s on a Mortgage Loan

Loan approval or denial is partially determined by your credit score. It also dramatically impacts your rate and fees. The higher the credit score, the lower your rate and fees.

For example, two scenarios:

  • Borrower A credit score is 639, with 5% down payment on conventional loan amount of $453,100. The additional loan fees for a 639 credit score will be 3.50% x $453,100 = $15,858. Wow!
  • Borrower B credit score is 740, with 5% down payment on conventional loan. The additional loan fees for a 740 credit score will be .75% x $453,100 = $3,398. The difference is $12,460 lower. That is a huge difference!

One of my services to my clients is providing solutions to raising credit scores for free. Or if needed, helping you find a reputable credit repair company to raise your score, which has worked out very well for many of my clients.

FYI, you will need a MINIMUM credit score for the following loan programs:

  • VA loan = 500
  • FHA (Federal Housing Administration) = 560
  • Conventional conforming = 620
  • High balance = 660
  • Jumbo loan amount = 660
    Hard money = no minimum score, but look at income and expenses and require a higher down payment

Did you know if there is more than one borrower on the loan, the lender is only concerned with the lowest credit score of all borrowers.

So, raise your credit score, lower your fees and rate, which gives you a better chance of approval.

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Dan Stone


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