Answer three questions for each borrower on the loan, we can clarify the loan amount and purchase price you may qualify :

  1. Gross annual income?
  2. Total monthly minimum debt payments (car payments, personal loans, all credit cards)?
  3. Down payment (yes, it can be zero)?

Send us information confidentially, and we will provide the possible loan amount. Zero down payment and many other programs are available for all borrowers. Our service looks at ALL loan programs in the industry, so you can keep more money in YOUR pocket.

Kristi and Brandon saved over $12,000 in upfront fees and rebates by working with me versus finding the lender on their own.

My business relies on referrals, which is why I’m proud of all my clients’ 5 STAR testimonials at Mortgage Fee Coach Yelp Reviews. Call me at 949-484-6322.

Dan Stone

MortgageFeeCoach, Inc.

We save our clients an average of $25,000 on their home loans.