In California, there are over 280 different down payment assistance programs. You’d think you were in good shape with so many to choose from. But the trouble is most folks don’t know where to look to find the best programs. I think they make it hard on purpose! One such loan is the zero down payment and zero closing costs loan program, which we told you all about in our December 2016 blog post.

Here’s why the urgency:  Many of these down payment assistance programs may go away.

Here’s why it’s happening: Some of the principal sources of financing for homeownership assistance may be eliminated by the 2018 Trump Administration budget cuts.

Here’s why you should not delay: Many moderate and lower income Americans may lose their chance to become homeowners. Below is a brief sampling of the 280 down payment assistance programs available in 2017.

•    $30,000 Grant programs that don’t require you to payback the down payment
•    Zero down payment, zero mortgage insurance, and zero closing costs programs
•    The 3% junior lien loan for the down payment
•    Up to a $15,000 tax credit on your federal income tax return
•    Below market 30-year fixed rate programs
•    Programs for co-ops, or combined residential/commercial buildings
•    Funds for renovations provided as part of the mortgage and assistance

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