There are huge variations between home buyer real estate agents. Based on actual data from the field, our research shows that not all successful buyer’s agents share the same talents and abilities. Studies show that agents fall into two broad categories:

•    Helper/Colleague
•    Hunter/Gatherer

We could say that the helper personality tends to work WITH people. The hunter type works FOR people. Both agents want your business, but may go about it in a slightly different manner depending on their own core personality. Neither is good nor bad. They’re different, which is in itself, good.

KEY QUESTIONS: (1) Which personality fits yours? (2) Which personality fits your situation?

The Helper

The personality of the helper agent is:
•    Higher I/S* in the DISC behavioral model. (The DiSC model provides a common language that people can use to better understand themselves and adapt their behaviors with others—within a work team, a sales relationship, a leadership position, or other relationships.)
•    More cooperative than assertive.
•    Still very outgoing, but collaborative rather than controlling.
•    Prefers to partner with people through the sales process, rather than lead.
•    Is open to a slower, more gradual pace with a less intense sense of urgency.
•    Not as comfortable prospecting or aggressively closing.
•    Better able to handle the minutiae and detailed process of getting the buyer to the final close.

The Hunter

The personality profile of the hunter agent is:
•    A high D/C* in the DISC behavioral model.
•    More aggressive and assertive.
•    Prefers to lead people through the sales process.
•    More outgoing and likely to take control of any situation (the sale).
•    Has a much higher sense of urgency and is less accepting of indecision.
•    Welcomes (actually loves) competition and going into “battle” to win.
•    Hates (really detests) details and normally struggles to be even a little bit organized.
•    Intolerant of slow-paced, “Can you show me a 23rd house now?” clients.
•    Better suited for prospecting and not as great at working through all of the details to the finish/closing.
•    More likely to make the move to a listing agent, team leader or independent broker.


If you would like an inside sales agent (ISA) or someone who is converting suspects into qualified prospects and setting appointments, you might be better off with the helper agent style as they are much better suited to deal with all of the details and processes involved in getting all the way to the close.

If, however, you need your buyer agent to prospect and bring in the vast majority of their own new business, you might opt for the hunter style. If you do, just be forewarned that they can be great at getting the business in the door, but like a sprinter, they might tire out in the extended, document-filled, detail-oriented paperwork torture of getting to the close. A good admin or transaction coordinator will be crucial to supporting this personality. Look for them in the brokerage firm if this is your choice.

*I/S refers to Influence and Steadiness; D/C will indicate Dominance and Conscientiousness

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