is the best I’ve seen in the 28 years I’ve been in mortgage banking

No-Down-Payment home loans are often called Zero-Down-Payment home loans. They’re the same thing.

While it sounds too good to be true, the financing that I discovered is an honest-to-goodness offering.  It’s not expensive and you can qualify (although there are some restrictions).

One of the buyers I spoke with, Francisco B., purchased an ordinary home (not a fixer-upper in a weird neighborhood or something) with a cash outlay of only $2500. [Yes there are some costs, but they are few.]

For his purchase under this plan there were:
– No down payments required
– No closing costs (The lender pays appraisal costs, attorney fees, settlement agent fees, title insurance, transfer tax, and customary buyer closing costs, application fee, underwriting fee, document preparation fee, processing fee)
– No origination points or fees
– Below-market rates

Here are some more aspects of the offering:
–  No income limitation
– No perfect credit required
– No credit score consideration
– No private mortgage insurance

The catch? It’s not a catch. It’s a good thing! Borrowers are required to attend a specific four-hour homebuyer workshop, which is open and FREE to everyone and provides detailed information about the program. The focus of the workshop is to prepare attendees to become fully qualified borrowers and buyers. Throughout the lending process, borrowers will be in contact with a counselor to work through budgeting, processing, home purchase procedures, loan approval and final purchase of the home. In other words, you learn a lot AND you have someone holding your hand through the ENTIRE process!

In short: It is the BEST LOAN PROGRAM I’ve ever seen. CALL ME.

Not only is there no down payment, the below market 30-year-fixed rates and other benefits associated with this program will probably save you $40,000–$60,000 over the life of the loan.

Want to know more about this no-down-payment (or zero-down-payment) loan program and more home loan help?

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P.S. This program is not offered by any mortgage lenders. ALSO if forward this information to your friends and family, it’s as if you are giving them a $40,000 gift, because it will save them so much money!

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