There are three questions you should ask about your Credit Score.

Wait. What? Credit scores? As you get back to your routine after the holidays, the first of the year is a good time to think about your credit score, and especially if you’re thinking of buying a home, a car, or anything big in 2016 that could affect your credit score.

1. Do you know your credit score?
2. Is it accurate?
3. Is it the right one?

Mortgage lenders, automobile, retail and insurance companies all use different credit scores. Credit scores have become too easily accessible. There are literally hundreds of credit scores being offered by many companies.

• Some credit card firms now offer a FICO score on their credit card statement each month.
• Following a security data breach, consumers are offered credit monitoring, which includes a credit score.
• To top it off, popular consumer sites offer an instant credit score and often for free!

How do you know which one is both accurate and appropriate?

While others (like Vantage) exist, the FICO Fair Isaac (FICO) score is currently used for all mortgage lending decisions nationwide. If you receive a free FICO score from Discover Card, then there is no need to purchase or request a score from anyone else. If not, we suggest purchasing the subscription service, then cancelling it within 30 days so there are no additional charges. We DO NOT suggest requesting credit scores from free sites. You get what you pay for, zero. For more information on credit scores, see my blog on the subject from earlier this year.

Bottom line: Because there are different score models and versions, your FICO score may or may not be accurate. If you are not in the market for a mortgage loan look at the moment, it’s safe to go to or However, to receive the most accurate score go to a mortgage lender or contact me: The Mortgage Fee Coach at (949) 484-6332 OR email me here.

Dan Stone, The Mortgage Fee Coach, Inc. | Work: 949-484-6322