Here are 3 easy and free ways to keep your identity safer. I hope this helps you avoid any nasty surprises.” Use these tips to protect your credit score. Keeping the score as high as possible usually reduces loan fees when you’re seeking a mortgage loan.


1. Request a *Fraud Alert to be placed on all three credit bureaus.
2. Ask for Notification by email or text each time your card is charged over a set amount.
3. Change all bank account and credit card statements to Online Delivery to keep your statements out of the wrong hands.


1. Fraud Alert
(Note: A *Fraud Alert on your credit report notifies lenders and creditors to take additional steps to verify your identification before they extend a credit line or loan in your name. This helps prevent a thief from opening any new accounts in your name.)

a. Call or go online to any of the three credit bureaus: Transunion, Experian or Equifax. (Any one of them must report your request to the other two.)

b. Renew the alert every 90-120 days. Set an alarm on your phone or computer to remind you.

2. Notification
a. Call or go online to each of your credit card companies.

b. Request alerts for large purchases (e.g. over $100), or for cash advances, foreign transactions, and perhaps vendors you never use.

For example, the Capital One credit card has Messages & Alerts and Account Alerts. Enable the features such as Transaction made over $___.

3. Online Delivery
a. Call or go online to your bank and credit card companies.

b. Be sure to check your accounts for ANY unrecognized charges or checks! A few dollars across thousands of accounts adds up for these thieves!


1. We have all had friends that have had their identity stolen. It takes many hours to fix the problem. Take 20 minutes now to protect yourself.

2. When you decide to apply for a loan, which is a very crucial time of your life, you REALLY don’t want any surprises!